INTERNATIONAL CHARTERING SERVICES, INC was established in 1957 and has operated the entire time as shipbrokers, ship managers and transportation consultants.
Originally located in downtown New York City, I.C.S. relocated to New Jersey in 1992, where they are currently located.
Currently I.C.S. mainly offers it's specialized services to exclusive clients, due to the nature of extensive services provided.

These services include marketing, voyage calculating, vetting, fixing, charter party preparation, public relations, 24/7 operations, bunkering, coordination with agents, laytime/hire/freight calculation and collection. I.C.S. is also a panel broker for a major industrial company in the U.S.

The staff of I.C.S. stands ready to assist all parties who will avail themselves to the services of the firm and the modern fleet of Supramaxes and Kamsarmaxes that its clients operate worldwide.
The staff on call are listed under the 'contact details' of this website
IHI Future 56 Images

Critical Dimensions fore to aft
and vertical distances from keel

Grain cubics by holds

Details mid  ship section

Crane - Grab clearances
with hoppers on dock

Crane - Grab clearances from keel

Crane configuration with grabs

General crane configuration

Crane configuration at sea

Crane and grab configuration at sea
Deck view looking aft

Top view crane configuration, no grabs

Crane configuration top down

Top view hatches details

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